David Chisholm

David Chisholm BA. NSA. is one of today’s prominent contemporary British Artists and Sculptors from the Falmouth School of Art. He is currently living in the Southwest of France. David is an elected member and former Chairman of the Newlyn Society of Artists (NSA).

Being one of today’s contemporary British Artists my work is concerned with the figure and human form, abstracting contour, shapes and lines. I am interested in isolating these elements. My intention is to make the viewer look at them in their own right so I intentionally remove and disassociate the subjects from their environment. I overlay and merge these shapes creating confusion and complication and investigate positives and negatives to encapsulate mood, emotion, disposition, association and interaction.

David Chisholm – (See Artists Statement and Chronology for full details).

Tremenheere Gallery, Penzance - Exhibitions of British Artists
Tremenheere – Home of the NSA

David remains a prominent member of the Newlyn Society of Artists (NSA).

The Newlyn Society of Artists was originally formed in 1896 and previous NSA members have included Stanhope Forbes, Alfred Munnings, Dame Laura Knight, Dod Procter, Peter Lanyon, Patrick Heron and Terry Frost.

Today the NSA remains an intrinsic part of the Arts in the UK. It is a diverse group of approximately 85 professional contemporary British artists working across all disciplines from painting and sculpture to performance art.

The work of NSA artists has often had a global reach and at the last count at least a dozen have been Royal Academicians.

Falmouth School of Art at Woodlane, Rosehill building
Falmouth School of Art at Woodlane

David graduated from the Falmouth School of Art.

Founded in 1902 visual arts have been practised and taught at Falmouth for over a century, and the reputation for creative excellence still keeps Falmouth at the forefront of British art schools today.

Leading artists of their era such as Dame Barbara HepworthBryan Wynter and Patrick Heron were energetic in, their support of the School.