David Chisholm BA

David is a contemporary artist, painter and sculptor now living in ‘Sauveterre de Bearn’ in the South West of France.

In his early life David trained as an artist in London. As a teenager his work and style were heavily influenced by the Old Masters such as ‘Turner‘ and ‘Constable‘ David undertook numerous commissions from an early age, pencil drawings and paintings of landscapes mainly in oil.

Following a Foundation Degree in Fine Art in the late 70’s Davids style took on a more contemporary direction. He trained as a Graphic Designer and worked commercially in this field for some time.

In his mid 20’s following in the artistic footsteps of Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson (whose modernistic and abstract work was greatly admired by David) he moved to Cornwall.

After graduating from Falmouth School of Art as a mature student David was elected into the prestigious Newlyn Society of Artists. He remains a prominent member of the NSA and in 2016 was elected Chairman.

In 2019 he relocated to ‘Sauveterre de Bearn’, a small medieval village in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region of South West France, having a warm and temperate climate which is rich in artistic creativity, here he is solely focusing on his own work.


1978 – Foundation Degree in Fine Art – London
1998 – Graphic Designer – Self Employed
2007 – ABC Diploma in Art & Design – Falmouth College of Art
2009 – BA Hons Degree in Fine Art – Falmouth University College
2012 – Art Director/Designer in Film – FFP New Media GmbH
2015 – Elected as a member of the NSA (Newlyn Society of Artists)
2015 – Elected onto the Committee of the NSA
2016 – Elected as the Chairman of the NSA